The capital city of England.

London is the capital city of England. It is in the south-east of England, on the River Thames. London is bigger than all other cities in the UK.

London transport.

London is very big, so you can´t walk everywhere. People travel by car, bike, motorbike, bus or taxi. There are a lot of red buses and black taxis in the streets of London.
Many people travel on the  London underground. It was the first underground system in the world. Today, it has twelve different lines and more than 275 stations.

                                                     BUCKINGHAM PALACE.

This is Buckingham Palace. The Queen lives here when she is in London. The palace has 600 rooms.
Many guards protect the palace. They are famous for the hats they wear. At half past eleven every day, you can watch a ceremony called "The changing of the guard"


                                              BIG BEN

Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north of the Palace of Westminster in London. The tower is 96 metres tall. The clock has four faces, so you can see the time from all directions. Everyone calls the clock BIG BEN. The name refers to the bell inside the clock. You can here the bell every hour.

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